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Backflow Prevention 2024

The Backflow Prevention full 4 day course is delivered with a blend of classroom based theory and hands on practical learning. The course involves both theory and practical assessment to relevant NZQA unit standards. Successful completion of the course will allow people to apply to the relevant local authority and register with them to become an Independently Qualified Person (IQP) to carry out backflow work in that area.


The course is designed to give trainees both the theoretical and practical skills required to become an IQP (Independently Qualified Person) to test and inspect Backflow Devices. The training is a mix of classroom based theory and hands on practical learning, involving the use of backflow testing kits, in order to learn the correct testing procedures for the various type of backflow prevention devices.

After completing the course people wanting to become an IQP will need to apply directly to the relevant local authority to join their list of registered practitioners. Any questions regarding the requirements to become registered, or about the registration process, should be directed to the relevant local authority as they administer this process. Upon satisfactory completion of the course and gaining the unit standards this application can take place. The course completion certificate will be required as part of this IQP application process. NOTE: you still need to apply directly to the relevant council to get IQP registered with them, this course does NOT give you IQP registration.

Course Content Covers:
Acts, Legislation and Codes relating to Backflow Prevention
Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007
Local Government Act 2002
Resource Management Act 1991
Building Act 2004
Backflow Prevention for Drinking Water Suppliers
Code of Practice 2006
Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006.
Installation Requirements for Backflow Prevention
Air Gap
Reduced Pressure Zone Devices
Double Check Valves
Pressure Vacuum Breaker
Spill Resistant Vacuum Breaker
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
Detector Checks
Non-Testable Devices
Pipe Design, for example, Dedicated Lines
Testing and Inspection of Backflow Prevention



This course has no prerequisites to attend and complete the requirements to test backflow devices, but a basic understanding of backflow devices and some basic plumbing knowledge is helpful.

There may be further prerequisites to become IQP registered with your local territorial authority, we recommend you check these direct with them to ensure you meet their requirements.

Assessment information

There are two NZQA unit standards which can be completed while on the course for those wanting to carry out the testing of backflow devices. These are assessed with both theory and practical testing assessments. Those unit standards are:

NZQA Unit Standard 23847 - Prepare to test, and inspect and test, water supply backflow prevention devices

NZQA Unit Standard 23848 - Describe suitability, installation, and testing of water supply backflow prevention devices, and fault identification

To complete the unit standards and pass the requirements, you will need to demonstrate you are competent at testing backflow devices. If you are not able to demonstrate sufficient competence by the end of the course, you may be required to attend a reassessment. This would take place at a later date allowing you time to undertake further practice and demonstrate the competence required. The unit standard cannot be achieved until this reassessment has been completed successfully. Please note there may be a reassessment fee. 

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